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Denim Lovers Unite!

After going through four years of a high school dress code where I was NOT allowed to wear denim (sad, I know), it is now all I live in!!! I know I am not the only one.  Jeans look good with everything!  Once you find the perfect pair, you never want to take them off.  It is easy to wear the same denim look everyday though.  So here are some tips and ideas to update your denim wardrobe for the fall.

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1) Try colored denim

Take everything you love about your everyday jeans, but add fun bright hues.  Though people have been wearing these bright colors for a couple seasons now, they are becoming more and more popular.  I think this is one of those things that everyone just needs to try…even if you don’t think they are you (That was my first impression, but they are so much fun!) Take inspiration from Anna Kendrick.  Rock the bold jeans on the bottom and neutrals on top!

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2) Go back to the flared jean

For the past couple years, I have lived in my skinnies.  I feel the most comfortable in them. Plus, flared jeans make me either think of middle school (because that’s the last time I wore them) or the seventies…But new flared denim is coming onto the scene in a modern way.  Just make sure you find a great fit and try to pair them with something that doesn’t have that seventies, peasant top vibe.  Pair with a striped tank or tight sweater, like Victoria Beckham, to keep the flares in the 21st century.  Wearing heals also make them more modern (and grown up!).

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3) Wear denim in a new way to you

Need a big change? Try wearing denim on top! My favorite way to wear it right now is as a vest.  Find a cute one that is more fitted, or go for the classic box shape, but with an added extra, like Nicole Richie’s studs.

Still want to stick with your favorites? No prob. Make them look different from last season by pairing fresh accessories with them.  The hottest shoe to pair denim with right now is a chunky, high healed boot.  Try a low cut, lace up bootie with capri’s or wear your skinnies and tuck them in! Check out’s Boot Slideshow for where to get some great new boots for this fall!  (And want more tips on booties? Check out this post by fellow RTR On Campus blogger, Lauren!) Happy Shopping!

P.S. Anyone rock their favorite denim looks at Fashion’s Night Out last night? Comment below and tell me more!


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