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Sample Sale Showdown: Tips For Survival

This week I attended the Yves Saint Laurent sample sale. This was my first sample sale and I certainly had no idea what to expect. Of course, I knew there would be long lines, anxious ladies, and A LOT of merchandise to rummage through. It started at 9am so I left my apartment at precisely 6:30am in hopes to get in line by 7am sharp. Little did I know that 7am would be considered late. Two hours early is late? I was told the first people in line showed up at 3:30am. Insane. While I spent the next three hours in line, my head was filled with other women’s horror stories. Some got pushed down, shoved aside, and merchandise stolen from their hands. I was warned to watch out for the little old ladies because they can be among the roughest. I was certainly in for a treat and eager to see what was awaiting me.


Looking to go to a sample sale this summer? Here are my tips:


  1. Arrive early. I recommend two hours. If this is truly your favorite designer then I’d get there three hours early.
  2. Know what you’re shopping for. Going in blindly is not suggested. Granted, that’s what I did at the YSL sale, but luckily this one was not as intense as most.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. I was eyeing up a particular bag all morning and made sure I knew who had them and if they ever put one down I intended to be there to scoop it up.
  4. Make friends. Most sale-goers are actually quite friendly and willing to work with you. This lady had six bags in her hand (one of which I was dying for), so she said if she decided not to get that one she would find me and give it to me. Perfect! Unfortunately, she ended up buying that one.
  5. Casually wander around. Every so often workers will bring out new things. I can guarantee they won’t last long. This is usually where the most shoving and pushing occurs.
  6. Don’t feel the need to buy something just because you lost sleep and waited in line for four hours. You’ll regret that purchase.
  7. Have fun and be on the lookout for the best steals and deals.


Check out upcoming sample sales here and good luck!

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