Amp Up Your Resume

School is getting into full swing and now it may be time to think about adding some work to your already busy schedule. To ease the pain, here are some tips to make your resume stand out to any employer.

1) Make sure to use keywords

Most employers will just skim resumes and look for these “keywords.” How do you know what those words are? Check out the job description and really pay attention to the specific nouns and adjectives.


2) Know your purpose

…and state it! Lay out up front what you expect from this job and what you want out of it. They will see how you are already dedicated to this position.


3) Make it easy to read

I know you are amazing and have tons to put on your resume, but you have to cut it down and put it in bullet points sometimes. Employers won’t take hours reading them so make sure your best attributes and experiences pop!


4) Check, double check, and triple check

The last thing you want is a typo or a word spelled wrong. So re-read and then have two other friends read it too. You want this perfect so that they know you are perfect for the job.


Job hunting is stressful, especially in this day and age. Take these tips and you will have interviews coming at you in no time! Good luck!

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