My finished product!

DIY Ballard Designs Burlap Bulletin Board

Burlap is having a major moment in Do It Yourself projects right now so let’s take advantage of the cheap fabric and decorate our hearts out! This burlap bulletin board is so quick and easy to make and can make any space look fabulous in seconds. Who doesn’t need more space in their dorm to display pictures? The best part about this DIY is that it costs under $10 to make and only takes about 20 minutes! Ballard Designs sells almost the exact same thing for prices ranging from $50-$220.


For one two-foot by two-foot bulletin board you’ll need:

-one 2×2 ceiling panel

-1 yard of burlap

-upholstery pins

-a staple gun


-a ruler

-a black marker



1. Start with laying out the ceiling panel and cutting the burlap to wrap around the edges of the ceiling panel with about 3 inches to spare on the opposite side.


2. With help from someone else, wrap the burlap around the ceiling panel and staple it to the back of the panel. Place the staples about 2-3 inches apart. Do this on each edge of the panel.


3. Flip the bulletin board over and measure an inch from each side. Lay the string across the bulletin board an inch from each edge and keep it in place with an upholstery pin in each corner.


4. Decide how far apart you want your upholstery pins to be. Measure that with the ruler along the string and mark it with a faint black mark.


5. Add the upholstery pins on the marks, add pictures, and display your new burlap bulletin board!



-Doing this project with another person will help tremendously!

-Before you mark your points for the upholstery pins, practice the spacing to make sure that everything will fit evenly on each edge.

-If you want to be able to hang your bulletin board, buy picture hanging wire or ribbon and staple it to the back of the bulletin board.


My finished product:


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