DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show 2014

March 1st, 2014 was the 13th Annual DONT WALK fashion show in St. Andrews, Scotland. This fashion show is pretty unique because it is student-run and the profits go to charity! Since its start, the DONT WALK fashion show has raised over $200,000 for charity. This year’s two charities were ANICHRA (African Network Against Illiteracy, Conflict and Human Right’s Abuse), and CWWPP (Coalition for Work With Psychotrauma and Peace). Here’s a little more about this famous fashion show…

Every year, since it’s founding in 2001, DONT WALK has brought together designers from all corners of the world in order to create a unique spectacle that fuses creativity with philanthropy. Known for being the fashion show where Kate Middleton reportedly caught Prince William’s eye, DONT WALK has since developed a reputation for showcasing and exploring the relationship between art and fashion all the while pushing the boundaries of a conventional fashion show. Throughout the night, it became apparent that the two charities formed the fabric of the event from the production to the designs to the tablecloths. The fashion show was split into two portions- dresses and lingerie, while guests enjoyed cocktails and an after-party show hosted by Berlin originated DJ, Andre Crom.




Above all, DONT WALK strives to curate a collection of designers that are not only visually interesting, but also relevant and representative of modern trends. DONT WALK has always been about having a diverse collection of designers—well known, up-and-coming, and students- in order to create a show that inspires the audience.

dontwalk1  dontwalk3

 (Photography by Arielle Bean)

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